The Capstone Design Community is a network of faculty, administrators, industry representatives, and students active in capstone engineering design courses.  Become part of the community by attending a Capstone Design Conference, contributing to the CDHub, or joining the Mailing List!


Capstone Design Conferences

PARTICIPATE: Biannual gatherings of the capstone design community provide an interactive forum for the capstone design community to meet in person and share ideas for improving capstone design experiences.



Capstone Design Hub 2.0

ACCESS: CDHub 2.0 is an online repository of capstone design resources. Tap into the rich network of capstone design knowledge – access resources from other capstone design programs and/or contribute your own. Access the latest release at



Mailing List

JOIN: Mailing List members receive email with news and events related to capstone design. Sign up today for news about upcoming conferences, the CDHub development, and/or the capstone design community in general.