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The Capstone Design Community is a network of faculty, administrators, industry representatives, and students active in capstone engineering design courses. Become part of the community by attending a Capstone Design Conference or joining the Mailing List!

Thanks to everyone who made our 2024 in-person conference a success, and stay tuned while wrap up and process conference materials to post here.

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Capstone Design Conferences

PARTICIPATE: The Capstone Design Conference is a biennial forum for faculty, staff, students, and industry representatives to share ideas about improving and/or starting engineering capstone design courses. To foster meaningful discussion and outcomes, the conference includes interactive panel sessions, poster presentations, workshops, and industry demonstrations. 


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Capstone Design Hub 2.0

ACCESS: CDHub is an online repository of capstone design resources initially launched in 2012. CDHub 2.0 is currently unavailable while we work through some technology issues and consider the best way to maintain this community repository in the years to come.


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