Capstone Surveys

This page includes a compilation of survey-based research on capstone design practices, largely in the U.S.  The 1994, 2005, and 2015 surveys address a wide range of capstone design logistics and approaches, including changes over time.  The 2009 survey is focused more on capstone design pedagogy, and the 2001 survey specifically addresses assessment practices.  


2015 SURVEY (lead: Susannah Howe, Smith College)

  • IJEE 2017 - Current Practices and Changes over Time (paper)
  • ASEE 2016 - Observations from the Front Lines  (paper, slides)
  • CDC 2016 - Keynote Presentation (slides)


2009 SURVEY (lead: Marie Paretti, Virginia Tech)

  • ASEE 2010 - Current State of Capstone Design Pedagogy (paper)


2005 SURVEY (lead: Susannah Howe, Smith College)

  • AEE 2010 - Where Are We Now: Capstone Courses Nationwide (paper)
  • CDC 2007 - Keynote Presentation (slides)
  • FIE 2006 - Current Practices in Engineering Education: Further Results (paper)
  • ASEE 2006 - National Survey of Engineering Capstone Design Courses (paper)


2001 SURVEY (lead: Larry McKenzie)

  • ASEE 2004 - Capstone Design Courses and Assessment (paper)


1994 SURVEY (lead: Bob Todd, Brigham Young University)

  • JEE 1995 - Capstone Engineering Design Courses in North America (paper)


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